eCommerce Website Optimization

Optimize your eCommerce Website with Sagara Commerce
SEO rules allow your website to move higher up in search engine rankings, and consequently make your website more accessible to the end users. We incorporate technical skills from our developers and optimization skills from our SEO executives, to create a perfect combination, and thus make your website a large hit across users. Only the combined skill of both fields can increase you user base and the chances of a visitor turning into a customer.

search engine optimization


In order to increase your search engine rankings, content creation need to be supervised, with special attention given to using relatable keywords. Using the appropriate SEO skills such as page redirection and URL loading can also mean a huge improvement in speed and efficiency. Our main aim is to bring your website as high in the search engine rankings as possible.


It has been found out that customers are comfortable shopping on an eCommerce website only when they feel secure with all the procedures, payment processes etc. on the website. We can suggest and implement various trust signals depending on your business’ requirements to be added to your website in order to secure users.

user experience and design


A perfect user design and a smooth navigation between pages can mean a lot to a customer. We believe that every intended function of your website should be instantly understandable and sable by the users. Optimizing the loading time and proper categorization of products can do wonders in increasing the satisfaction level of your users.


Duplications in content can prove to make you look highly unprofessional. Search engines have protocols that if they encounter the same content written on two or more websites, they become ambiguous about which page to display and thus might drop your site down the rankings altogether. SO, supervising and publishing proper content is vital for good business.

url optimization


A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the first thing entered or seen by a user while entering your page and thus it need to be easy to type and comprehend. We ensure that the most relevant keywords are added to your URLs, and no special characters are indexed in your URL, thus making it rank higher on search engine results, and also makes it easy for users to use them.


People have the tendency to listen to other people who have gone through the same process earlier, and they can mould their decisions based on experiences of people who have bought a product or rented a service before. We help you to optimize all the product reviews on all your pages in an efficient and search friendly manner.

unique title


Setting up unique titles for all your web pages can guarantee a huge improvement in your search engine rankings. All your web pages must have a relevant and unique title, and our template based coding techniques ensures that your web pages get a relevant title considering the page parameters.


We ensure that your website has content that is exactly relatable to searches which a large number of people enter on popular engines. We consider your location and radius of operation, and other factors to generate the most relevant keywords for your website.